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Is Your Low Libido Destroying Your Marriage?

Low libido is a common issue that can affect both men and women. It refers to a decreased desire for sexual activity and can be caused by a variety of factors. While it is a common issue, it can have serious consequences on a relationship and the emotions of both partners. In this blog post, we will look at the consequence of low libido on the relationship and emotions of the couple.

1. Strain on the relationship:

Sexual intimacy is an important part of a healthy marriage, and when one partner has a lower sex drive than the other, it can create feelings of frustration, rejection, and resentment. The partner with the higher sex drive may feel neglected and unwanted, while the partner with the lower sex drive may feel guilty and inadequate. This can lead to arguments, emotional distress, and further damage to the relationship.

2. Decreased intimacy:

When one partner has a lower sex drive, it can lead to a decrease in overall intimacy between the partners.

3. Loss of connection:

Sexual intimacy is often seen as a way for couples to connect emotionally as well as physically. When one partner has a lower sex drive, it can lead to a loss of this connection and an overall decrease in the emotional bond between the partners.

4. Infidelity:

In some cases, a partner with a higher sex drive may seek sexual fulfillment outside of the marriage, leading to infidelity and further strain on the relationship.

5. Lack of fulfillment:

Sexual satisfaction is an important aspect of marriage and when one partner has a lower sex drive, it can lead to a lack of fulfillment for both partners.

6. Reduced quality of life:

Sexual activity has been shown to have a positive impact on overall health and well-being. When one partner has a lower sex drive, it can lead to a reduced quality of life for both partners.

If you’re struggling with low libido in your marriage, it’s important to understand the causes and seek help to improve your sexual intimacy and overall relationship. Click HERE to read our post on the causes of low libido and take the first step towards improving your low libido and enjoy fulfilling sex in your marriage today

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