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Olawunmi Esan

(Psychotherapist & Certified Sex Therapist)

I help you take Sexual Intimacy from Routine to Mind-blowing

Your safe abode for the right tools, tips and strategy for building intimacy and sexual excitement in your marriage

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Personal Therapy

I help you work through personal issues that hold you back from living the life you desire.

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Couples Therapy

I help you as a couple develop your unique sexual style and experience sexual bliss no matter where you are currently

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Sex Therapy

I work with you to resolve sexual struggles, sexual dysfunction, pain and trauma that hurt your Sex life.

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Sex Coaching

Learn how to enjoy Mind blowing Sex that is personalised and specific to your own needs and desires.

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University of Sex

Our online school offers various self paced Sex courses that take your Sex life from Routine to Ground Breaking!

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Sex Toys

Explore sex toys to bring more novelty and ecstasy to your Sex life with your partner. Check it in our store.

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Olawunmi Esan is a trained psychotherapist and Certified Sex Therapist who helps couples and individuals discover and enjoy Mind blowing Sexual Satisfaction and Fulfillment.


She is a founding member of the African Network of Professional Counselors and the lead therapist at Thriving Family International, an organization focused on providing counseling and therapy for personal and family-life related areas.



Over 1000 Intimate Couples
From over 10 countries
Over 300 Happy Students

What Our Clients Are Saying

As a very private person, talking about sex with anyone is very difficult for me. But I stumbled on Wunmi’s Instagram handle and I got interested. I am married with kids for almost a decade and sex was something I struggled with. So when I saw a woman(Wunmi) talk about sex in an unbiased way (not men versus women), talking like we were gisting about a book, I decided to reach out and I don’t regret it! She made me so comfortable that I was able to share so much burden. I could not believe the relief from having to be absolutely honest about my sex life! Best of us, I got her books and from our sessions, I started implementing what she taught me. Needless to say, my husband and I became better in the ‘other room’. I had mind blocks about sex and my husband too, but with the knowledge from Wunmi, we were both able to address our difficulty. Wunmi’s videos and other resource materials were invaluable! I am now beginning to feel like a freak in the bed too. I would recommend Wunmi to any man or woman having any remote issue in the sex department. Don’t let sex destroy your marriage/relationship, just call my Sex Therapist Olawunmi!
Mrs Tiwatope (Lagos)
I remember when I started following you on Twitter a while back. I thought of working with you to resolve some issues I had in my marriage but I never really made up my mind to. Eventually, an opportunity came when you opened a WhatsApp group and I got to know you more personally. I knew you were someone I could trust and also someone who had the capability to help me. I thank God that I made the decision to talk with you because it opened my eyes to things I needed to work on to improve my marriage. I am more open and trusting with my wife now and things are much better after my sessions with you. I can't say that I always enjoyed the process of therapy especially those occasions when you made me cry. Lol... but I would take that anyday over an unhappy marriage. I cannot thank you enough and I will recommend you to my friends and anyone I know who needs help with marriage and Sex. You were very professional but still supportive. You guided me and equipped me to work through the process and today my wife and I are much better for it. Thank you and God bless you
BAO (United Kingdom)
I had always thought that after 6 years of marriage and two kids, I had the sex aspect of my marriage on lockdown. It was therefore a rude shock when I started having difficulties maintaining an erection. It started gradually and got to the point that I was totally unable to get it up at all at times. That's when I decided to seek professional help. After a couple of sessions with Olawunmi, there was dramatic and tremendous improvement. I found out most of my problems actually stemmed from approaching sex from an angle of fear and uncertainty. With her help, I was able to reach in and tackle these issues head on. My supportive wife was also instrumental in the transformation as she also opened up on feeling like a 'victim' occasionally. We are better able to handle our expectations both in sex and marriage now. My profound gratitude goes to Olawunmi for her professionalism and candor.
Dr. Babatunde (United Kingdom)

Individual Session

  • Sex Therapy
  • Personal Therapy

FROM $150

Per Hour

Couple Session

  • Couples Counselling
  • Couples Sex Therapy

FROM $170

Per Hour

Personalized Sex Coaching Plans

  • Personalized Sex Coaching for Women
  • Personalized Sex Coaching for Men

FROM $1,450

See What Other Experts Are Saying

Dismissing erroneous teachings and making marital sex blissful is what I have known Olawunmi Esan to represent in the years I have known her. Olawunmi Esan is a Professional Counsellor, Psychologist, Sex Therapist and Family Life Expert, I would wholeheartedly recommend. She is so passionate about wholeness and sexuality that she puts in her all to ensure her clients gets the best of help and services as needed. She is indeed an answer to this generation’s sexual needs.
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Dr Timi Oyebode
Founder, ADI Counselling
Olawunmi Esan is very passionate and competent in her practice as a Sex Therapist. I commend her for taking on a very sensitive area of specialization Her practice is highly professional and relatable. She has been able to bring standardized practice in a way that is adaptable to our clime. Olawunmi’s passion for continuous professional development and competency improvement in her area of specialization, which is promoting sexual satisfaction in marriages is highly commendable. I fully endorse her practice as a Sex Therapist.
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Segun Matthew
Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Mental Health Expert Vice President, African Network of Professional Counsellors
Olawunmi Esan is Nigeria's number 1 Sex Coach and Family Therapist. Having worked with her for some years now, and watched her practice grow, her coaching and courses broke barriers in Nigeria's coaching industry and set her apart as the leading voice in her field. She is well trained and doesn't stop advancing in her methods and knowledge. Her style and messages tend to be provocative but decent at the same time. Olawunmi has overtime built an excellent reputation for herself and has even become the sex coach and therapist that other sex coaches learn from. She helps to take her clients to the climax!
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Alex Ade Adefemi (Coach Triple A)
Business & Leadership Coach.
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