What I Learnt From Watching WAR ROOM

I watched the famous War Room movie today and I am so glad I did. There are so many lessons to be learned from the movie that I am certain I will watch it a second time and maybe even a third time.

I loved the message of redemption that the movie preached. Nowadays you don’t have to own a church or be a priest to preach redemption. The fact that there are so many ways to preach Christ right now gives us believers no excuse to slack.

Someone said, ‘We are the only bible some people will ever get to read’ and that is totally correct. We have the opportunity to minister to people that need it just by living Christ-like lives.

Forgive my digression, back to War Room. One of the most important things in this movie that struck me was the child of the unhappy parents. A lot of focus is on the parents and how they redeemed their home but the struggles of the child struck a chord with me.

She was innocent, she had done nothing to deserve being unhappy but the parents were the fighting elephants and the child was the grass that suffered but went un-noticed. The mother was so bitter with the father that she had become oblivious of her daughter’s need for love. She assumed the daughter knew she was loved!!! She was in for a shocker when the little girl opened up about feeling unloved.The father on the other hand was living a totally self-absorbed life and didn’t care who got hurt anyway.

If the mother hadn’t taken that step to make things right, what would have become of the family and the little girl? She probably would have grown up resentful of her parents, closed her heart to any chance of love or become a victim of dysfunctional relationships in the search of the love she never had.

Our responsibility as parents goes beyond putting food on the table, these children see and are affected by our actions, words and decisions and as custodians of these little ones, it is up to us to set them on the right path through acts of love- for them and towards ourselves as their parents.

I also loved when the Power of Redemption took over. Notice, the mother started her War Room to redeem her marriage but the daughter picked it up and started a war room of her own. The goes to buttress the fact that children learn a good number of habits from their parents. She not only prayed for her family, she also prayed about her extra-curricular activity and guess what? That prayer got answered as well.

As a Marriage and Sex Coach, I derive so much joy when couples I help begin to testify about positive changes in their lives. It’s a very exciting testimony to hear because it becomes a fresh start for the couple. A new beginning, seeing each other in a more positive light and working together towards a common goal of making your home a heaven on earth. When that happened in this movie, I got that feeling of excitement again because the family had their entire lives ahead of them to bask in the joy and fulfillment that only the Love of Christ can give.

This movie is a story of hope, love, God’s miraculous ways of working, forgiveness, redemption and so much more. I really can’t say enough about this movie and kudos to the producers of this great movie. This movie ministered to me so much that I have identified where my War Room will be and I’m putting that into action immediately.

I recommend this movie to everyone, be you a wife, husband, child, intending couples…whoever you are, this movie is a must-see. However, seeing the movie shouldn’t be the end of it, learn from it and implement what you learn in your life.

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