My man does not know how to touch me. What do I do 1

My man does not know how to touch me. What do I do?

If you find that your partner’s touch during intimacy does not meet your needs or give you the pleasure you desire, here are some practical tips to help you improve your sexual experience and teach your partner how to touch you.

–          Honest and Graceful Communication

Honest and open communication is very important. Honest communication does not mean being blunt. 

It means expressing your true desires while maintaining respect and compassion for the receiving party. 

Decide the outcome of your conversation.

What do you want to achieve? To hurt his ego or to enjoy more pleasure?

If your desire is to enjoy more pleasure, I recommend the sandwich approach.

Tell him something great he does, tell him the area of improvement, and close with a positive comment.

So basically sandwich the area of improvement between 2 positive comments

–          Guide His hand or show him how to touch you.

During intimate moments, guide your partner’s touch gently by showing him what feels good for you. Use your hands to demonstrate the pressure, speed, and spots on your body that you find pleasurable. Positive reinforcement, when he touches you in a way you like, can encourage him to continue

–          Positive Feedback

Positive feedback during and after Sex can be a great reinforcement for your man, not simply because, it lets him know when something feels good for you. But also because, it lets him know his efforts are seen, acknowledged, and appreciated.

–          Explore Together

Experiment with new sensations and techniques together. Encourage your man to explore different erogenous zones on your body, and be open to exploring his as well. Exploring together can be a fun and intimate way to connect.

–          Be Patient

Remember that change takes time, and it’s essential to be patient with your partner as he learns to improve his skill. Celebrate small successes along the way and maintain a supportive and understanding attitude.

Remember, enhancing intimacy is an ongoing journey that requires both partners’ active participation and commitment. 

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By prioritizing the tips above. you can create more fulfilling and satisfying sexual experiences and pave the way for a more intimate and passionate relationship that flourishes with time

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