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Why You Should See A Romance Movie Together

Looking at that title alone could make you want to wave the white flag before reading the full post.

Hold on, wait a minute, I know the concept of a man leaving his action/horror/suspense movies for a romance flick doesn’t seem like something that could happen in a thousand years but just before you kick the thought to the curb just go with me a for moment.

In marriage, romance and passion seem to go down the drain so fast, you don’t know what hit you and it becomes so easy to forget those things you used to enjoy before saying ‘I do’.

You may sometimes try hard to keep romance alive by doing some of those things you used to do while dating, however it may be near impossible to recreate the emotional feelings you had back in the day.

Do you still feel that fluttering in the pit of your belly when you are together?

Do you still have that eager anticipation of looking forward to spending time together?

Do you feel it necessary to dress up really nice because you want her to notice how good you look or do you just wear whatever your hand picks out of the wardrobe first because you don’t feel she looks at you?

Even when you try hard to maintain romance and do things together, you may not be able to recreate those feelings you used to have.

Enter the romance movie.

Watching a romance movie together and seeing a couple go through the different stages that lead to love refreshes your memory about when you went through it as well.

Your initial meeting, How you felt at first, That moment you knew for sure you were in love, Who used the L word first, Who said it next and so on, become replayed right in front of your eyes (maybe not in the exact way it happened for you, but you get my drift).

Maybe he didn’t have to chase you through the airport terminal or run 15miles to get to you.

Maybe he didn’t have to jump on the tires of an airplane just to get into plane by all means to find you, maybe he didn’t profess his love for you standing on the table at a family gathering and maybe he didn’t swim across the ocean to meet you.

Maybe he didn’t do all that, but you have your story.

Regardless of how you went through the stages that led you to love, watching romance unfold revives those emotional feelings in you and that may very well be the breath of life needed to take the expression of your feelings for each other to a higher level (or it may just be a momentary reminder of how you used to feel and lead to really wild passionate sex, either way it’s a win win).

So don’t knock the idea of seeing a romance movie together until you try it.

I’d love to know how this works for you.

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