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Therapy with Olawunmi has being an awesome experience.  I have moved from the failure mindset to the excellent mindset – I used to anticipate failure so much it affected my sexual performance. The sessions have given me a positive mind shift, its been awesome! I have moved from failing myself sexually to enjoying myself in every sense of the word, my husband can testify the log of wood became warm blooded! I would recommend Olawunmi anytime of the day, she does know her onions and is ever ready to walk you through.

Meeting Olawunmi was Godsent. Having being married for 2years and suffered from pain during sex, in one session with Olawunmi, I was taught how to overcome the pain and after my exercises, pain during sex was history and all it took was one session. This is a victory for my marriage because i had lost all hope of ever enjoying sex but all these have changed.

I had always thought that after 6 years of marriage and two kids, I had the sex aspect of my marriage on lockdown. It was therefore a rude shock when I started having difficulties maintaining an erection. It started gradually and got to the point that I was totally unable to get it up at all at times. That’s when I decided to seek professional help. After a couple of sessions with Olawunmi, there was dramatic and tremendous improvement. I found out most of my problems actually stemmed from approaching sex from an angle of fear and uncertainty. With her help, I was able to reach in and tackle these issues head on. My supportive wife was also instrumental in the transformation as she also opened up on feeling like a ‘victim’ occasionally. We are better able to handle our expectations both in sex and marriage now. My profound gratitude goes to Olawunmi for her professionalism and candor.

Dr Babatunde

United Kingdom

As a very private person, talking about sex with anyone is very difficult for me. But I stumbled on Wunmi’s Instagram handle and I got interested. I am married with kids for almost a decade and sex was something I struggled with. So when I saw a woman(Wunmi) talk about sex in an unbiased way (not men versus women), talking like we were gisting about a book, I decided to reach out and I don’t regret it! She made me so comfortable that I was able to share so much burden. I could not believe the relief from having to be absolutely honest about my sex life! Best of us, I got her books and from our sessions, I started implementing what she taught me. Needless to say, my husband and I became better in the ‘other room’. I had mind blocks about sex and my husband too, but with the knowledge from Wunmi, we were both able to address our difficulty. Wunmi’s videos and other resource materials were invaluable! I am now beginning to feel like a freak in the bed too. I would recommend Wunmi to any man or woman having any remote issue in the sex department. Don’t let sex destroy your marriage/relationship, just call my Sex Therapist Olawunmi!

Mrs Tiwatope

It has been a challenging and frustrating 2 year journey. I wouldn’t have thought it, I didn’t see an end to it or a solution, but God led us to you. 
Olawunmi, we have achieved PENETRATION. I am now able to have penetrative sex with my husband.
WE WON!!!!!!
You made this journey bearable and helped me to understand a lot about sex. You changed my mindset and was patient, THANK YOU. 
 The thing is due to lack of penetration you helped us with exploring and enjoying our bodies. Ooh how all the things we learnt about our bodies have been explosive and at some point i was like who needs that other one sef. This increased our intimacy level. Now this one is now icing on the cake. It’s like the full package. 
I can’t begin to explain how grateful we are, I especially. May God continue to use you to help marriages and I also hope this encourages anyone going through this sort of issue to speak up. 
Solution will never come if you don’t open up.
Thank you so much for helping me find myself . From the first therapy session I connected with you on every level and I did not feel judged at all, you are so understanding, selfless and calm.
You gave me your undivided attention and you were present anytime I wanted to talk to you. You are a true professional in your field. You helped me open up and be honest about my true feelings from a rape experience which hurt and killed me internally for two years.
As a result of the trauma I developed anxiety problems and depression. You held my hands and took me on a journey into self-awareness to help with healing my emotional pain and anxiety.
I came to you with a heavy burden and you helped me through my journey of healing.
I would recommend your services to anyone going through any kind of trauma or someone that’s needs a good therapist.
You are amazing and you are God’s gift to the world. Thanks a million times
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