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Olawunmi Esan is a trained Psychologist  and Sex therapist, who specializes in helping couples and individuals improve intimacy, and enjoy sexual pleasure, connection and fulfillment. With a robust educational foundation comprising a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Psychology, an Advanced Diploma in Counseling, and Certifications in Psychosexual Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Family Systems Engineering, Olawunmi embodies a fusion of academic excellence and an astute grasp of human behavior and Sexuality.

Having honed her expertise over 15 years of dedicated study in Psychology and Sexuality and a decade-long professional practice, Olawunmi Esan brings a wealth of knowledge and empathy to her clients’ journeys. Her commitment to the field extends beyond practice. For years, she has shared her wisdom and insights as a lecturer at esteemed professional institutions such as the Institute of Family Engineering and Development and ADI College of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

As a trusted advocate for sexual well-being, Olawunmi Esan continues to shape the landscape of sex therapy, offering personalized sessions, impactful guidance, and a roadmap to profound intimacy.

Olawunmi Esan’s approach is transformative, focusing on enhancing intimacy, fostering deeper connections, and restoring joy in relationships. With a deep understanding of psychology and human behavior, she adeptly guides individuals and couples through challenges, empowering them to embrace their sensuality, heal from past traumas, resolve sexual dysfunctions, and rediscover the joy of intimate connections.

Her unwavering dedication has impacted lives far and wide, transcending boundaries to impact lives and bring about positive transformations. 

Olawunmi Esan has been pivotal in guiding over 5000 couples and individuals towards profound fulfillment in their intimate lives. Through her personalized One-on-One Sex Therapy, transformative Sex Coaching, impactful Keynote Speaking, and innovative Online Sex Academy.

Her mission remains steadfast: to create a world where sexual wellness is understood, embraced, and celebrated as an essential aspect of human happiness, and to train and equip aspiring professionals to propagate this vital message.

Providing Sex Solutions

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She is a member of the African Network of Professional Counselors, The Counselling Association of Nigeria (CASSON), and is the lead therapist at The Thriving Family International, an organization focused on providing counselling and therapy for personal and family-life success.

She is the Founder of the University of Sex, Africa’s foremost Personal Sex Coaching Academy, designed to equip individuals with resources, techniques, and strategies for wholesome and maximum sexual pleasure. Find out more about her Online Sex Academy, the University of Sex.

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