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Are You Willing?

All married couples at one point or the other in marriage will have issues to deal with.

In my experience as a Marriage and Sex counselor, I have come to discover that the one thing that makes the difference between couples that overcome and those that are overcome is THE WILLINGNESS TO TRY.

Many marriages fail because one or both parties lack a willingness to try.

Each party brings 50:50 into the relationship, failing to realize that when the other party falls short, 50 will not be enough to carry them through.

Marriage isn’t about equality; it is about bringing your all to the table to make at least 100.

The vows you made on the altar were not based on the condition of your spouse bringing half to the table.

We all are human, it is a given that we will fall short.

What then happens when you don’t bring your full 50 and your spouse cannot cover for your shortcomings and vice versa?

It becomes a home of strife, discontent and unhappiness.

Let’s do a bit of maths.

In marriage, we aim for 100, if we get more, then fantastic.

50+50 equals 100 (great, but what are the chances each party will always be at his/her best?)

80 + 60 equals 140 (even when human frailties make one person weaker, the other covers and still comes through for the marriage)

30+70 equals 100 (one seems to have fallen way below expectation, however the marriage is still covered because the other gave more than 50)

I always say, the willingness to try means that three quarters of the battle is already won. When you are willing to make the best of your marriage, marriage becomes less of a bore and more of an exciting adventure.

I can email you, send you marriage related articles, have a session with you and do everything humanly possible to help you with your marriage.

If however, you are unwilling to make it work, then there really isn’t any point.

Change begins with you. The decision to either make your marriage a bed or roses or a bed of thorns lies with you.

No one can make that decision for you, not even a marriage counselor.

If you are satisfied with your current state of affairs and seek no further improvement, that is your choice and your sentence.

I will however tell you that it is in your best interest to make the most of your marriage.

It is in your best interest to take the decision to make your marriage exciting and refreshing.

It is in your interest to make your marriage phenomenal.

While God is the giver of all things good, He has given you the gift of FREE WILL.

Whatever you choose to do with it, you will either enjoy the fruits or bear the brunt of the consequences.

Choose right today. Don’t settle for mediocrity in marriage.

I implore you to make the most of your marriage while you still can.

I would love to help you.

Begin that Journey here….. http://eepurl.com/bvFBAv

If you have already taken the step to begin the journey, roll up your sleeves, there is work to do.

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