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Taking Sex Out Of The Bedroom


In marriage, you tend to have most of your activities planned, scheduled or carried out in a conventional way.

Usually, sex falls into the category of the activities you tend to carry out conventionally. I am not trying to tell you that being conventional is bad, however being conventional all the time can lead to boredom, especially when it comes to sex.

As a married couple, most of your sexual activities happen in the bedroom and while of course you can vary sex styles to ward off boredom, varying location can also be a huge boost to making your sex life more exciting.

The beauty of this is that some of the locations don’t need to be outside of your house (of course, some of the locations are). So if you were thinking I was going to tell you to do it in the forest or do it while jumping out of a plane, please put your mind at ease. Sex doesn’t have to be dangerous to be exciting.

Let’s begin with places in your home that you have been overlooking.

THE SHOWER: Having sex in the shower, while soaping each other’s bodies can be a very sensual experience for both parties. The soap in your hands is slippery enough to get things going even before actual penetration. When both parties are ready to go, the husband can simply bend his wife over while she supports herself by placing her hands on the wall and penetrate her from behind or he can take her standing up against the wall, with one or both of her legs wrapped around him. If you have a bathtub, rather than a stand-alone shower, you can vary the position to what suits the size of the bathtub. Ex. You could have the woman on top.

THE KITCHEN COUNTER: You are probably thinking this is unsanitary for a place you cook. Well, except you have fluid of a contagious disease oozing out of your body, this totally safe and pretty easy. You don’t have to be a black belt Kung Fu person to do this. All the man has to do is place his wife on the kitchen counter and get to business. Another variation to this, if your kitchen counter is too high or in some way not convenient, is to simply do it while leaning on the kitchen counter. Put your kitchen to good use.

ON THE COUCH: Oh the couch. The versatility of such a simple piece of furniture. The variations of sex with this piece of furniture are numerous. You could do the classic ‘Woman on Top’, or try the ‘Reverse Cowgirl’ with the woman either leaning back or bending forward. You could go the ‘Doggie’ route or have her bend over, while holding the arm of the couch for support or she could kneel on the couch while using the head of the couch for support. So many positions can be done using the couch (I should probably write a book on it). Bottom line is to be inventive.

Other places within your home include the floor, the stairs (if your house has stairs), your balcony or somewhere in your compound.

The point is to make your sex life more exciting. The feeling or naughtiness you get from doing it outside the conventionally approved place, makes the act raunchier, helps you shed your inhibitions and can be the turn around your sex life has been waiting for.

Let’s stop making sex in marriage boring.

TAKE ACTION TODAY….Have sex someplace outside your bedroom.

Feel free to thank me later.

In my next post, we take it outside your home.

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