Improving Intimacy outside the bedroom

How Can We Improve Intimacy Outside The Bedroom?

Sex is one way to build intimacy. However, it’s very important to create and maintain a connection with your partner outside the bedroom. Because the state of affairs outside the bedroom often influences what happens in the bedroom.

Here are some ways to improve intimacy outside the bedroom
Use affectionate touch outside the bedroom.

Hugs, kisses, foot rubs, back rubs sitting close, and caressing each other without a need or pressure for intercourse can help build intimacy outside the bedroom.

Give affection to your partner in ways that they find meaningful.

This has to do with identifying your love languages. If you’re able to figure out how you and your partner understand love, you’ll be able to speak the language that your partner needs in order to strengthen intimacy.

For example, if your partner is an act of service person, it will make more sense if you help out around the house as opposed to simply saying ‘Well done, honey.

Bring some play and fun into your relationship.

Being playful can lead to more intimate moments. Try to lighten up the mood with play, games, flirtatious touches, or kisses.

Tickle your wife, rub her bum, play with her. Randomly sit on your man’s lap, Rub his head. We are basically saying make the atmosphere light and fun.

Prioritize spending time together

Create time to bond, create an atmosphere that encourages effective and graceful communication, and freedom of self-expression.

Create time for meaningful and romantic adventures- no kids allowed

It doesn’t have to be anything heavy-duty. Simply defining ‘couple time’ and letting your kids know this can help you achieve the goal of spending more time together. And of course, getaways are always nice too. So if you can, definitely plan for time away from home with your partner.

Creating experiences together allows for an improved connection that’s also enhanced by relaxation and clarity of the mind. 

Compliment your partner often.

Everyone loves compliments! So as often as you can, Let your partner know what you love about them.
Simple acts of kindness and words of praise can help each of you feel more valued by the other. 

Frequently evaluate your relationship to know what’s going well and what can be better

Setting time aside to have real conversations with your partner is one of the most effective ways to improve your closeness as a couple and understand each other’s needs.

Talk about what you need to improve on and how to go about it. Perhaps you want more touch, foreplay, connection, etc. Talk about it!

There you have it! It takes effort to build intimacy outside the bedroom. Being intentional and committed will help you achieve intimacy in and out of the bedroom.

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