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These Adult Toys will Spice Up Your Sex Life

Sex toys can do a lot to spice up your Sex life. Although a number of people don’t know, Sex toys are also great for partnered Sex, not just solo fun. 

So we created a list of toys you need to spice up your Sex life.


Whether you are new to toys or a pro, bullet Vibrators will blow your mind. Bullet vibrators are small finger-sized vibrators and are great for clitoral stimulation, penile stimulation, and stimulation of other body erogenous zones such as nipples, inner thighs, etc.

Bullets can be used during foreplay to build arousal and during intercourse to increase sensation and pleasure. What’s not to love! 

Our favorite bullet is the Bang Powerful Vibrating Bullet with Remote Control.

Bang bullet vibrator
Bang Bullet Vibrator

It packs an ultra-powerful punch. With a wireless remote to buzz, it creates avenues for more partnered fun. Shop Bang bullet vibrator HERE.


Couple vibrators are toys that are designed to be used specifically during intercourse. They provide simultaneous pleasure for the man and woman. The added stimulation helps couples explore new sensations together and bring more oomph to intercourse.

For couples who want to enjoy more pleasure during intercourse,  we recommend the Satisfyer couple Vibrator.

Satisfyer Couple U vibrator
Satisfyer Couple U Vibrator

This U-shaped vibrator is perfect for use during Intercourse. It provides the man with exciting pleasurable stimulation as he thrusts while simultaneously giving the woman amazing clitoral and gspot stimulation. 

Insert it during Intercourse, set it to vibrate, and have fun!  Shop the Couple vibrator HERE.


The clit sucker is AH-Mazing for helping women enjoy Orgasms on demand! It provides a powerful sucking feature that mimics oral sex with a partner. Although it is called a clitoris sucker, it can also double as a nipple sucker.

It is great for use before intercourse to intensify arousal, during intercourse to provide multiple stimulations, or as a full form of Sex play toy even without intercourse. 

If you want to enjoy an explosion of orgasmic bliss, THE SHEGASM Clit Bomb is our favorite.

IMG 20220215 WA0001
Shegasm Clit Bomb

Check out a video of it on our Instagram, click here


Wands are pretty versatile toys and can be used for solo or partner play.
Wand Vibrators can be used to stimulate the genitals, nipples, penis, or simply as a massager after a long day at work! 
Now, this is one very amazing and versatile product that you can do a lot with. 


2 in 1 Vibrator We like to call this the double-action vibrating because that is exactly what it does!!! This Vibrator provides both Clitoral and gspot stimulation at the same time and is one of our all-time favorite vibrators. 

If you’ve never had an orgasm, this toy is your go-to. If you want to squirt, this is your toy. If you want to enjoy simultaneous Gspot and Clitoral orgasms…… need we say more? This toy is YOUR TOY!

It’s perfect for more risqué sex play with your partner. You can have your man watch you while you pleasure yourself with this toy, or hand it over to him, relax and enjoy his use of it on you.

There you have it! Sex toys that will take your pleasure from the usual from freaking amazing!
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