How to satisfy your partner after you have climaxed.

How to Satisfy Your Partner After You Have Climaxed.

Taking care of your partner’s sexual needs after you have had an orgasm is not only important but is also great for your sexual relationship.

Sex should be a pleasurable experience for both parties and while we know that Sexual pleasure is not limited to orgasms, there shouldn’t be a monopoly on orgasms.

Things shouldn’t simply end because one person has had an orgasm. Especially when the other person also desires to orgasm.

It is important to note that partners can enjoy pleasure without reaching orgasm. There are occasions where a partner could be satisfied without having had an orgasm and that, of course, is fine. 

The problem usually occurs when one partner orgasms and the other is left high and dry even when they also desire to reach orgasm. 
When this happens, it’s a great idea to explore other ways to satisfy your partner.

Here are some tips to pleasure your partner after you have climaxed

1. Use your hand

After you have climaxed and your partner hasn’t, lube up your hands and begin to stroke their clitoris or penis (as it applies). When done right, this can get your partner to climax like a volcano.

2. Use your mouth

You’ve most likely just had intercourse so all your delicious body juices are everywhere. Before going downtown with your mouth, wipe your lover with a cloth or ask them to wash up and get back to bed.

Now, using your mouth, give your lover really sensational oral sex that will bring him/her to orgasm.
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3. Explore Pleasuring with Other body parts

Breast sex aka titty fucking, Sex with the penis in between the thighs while rubbing the Vulva, Sex with the penis rubbing the clit and Vulva…. you get the gist. So many possibilities! 

4. Use a Sex Toy

Using a sex toy to rock your lover’s world is also a great option!
Try using a bullet vibrator or a wand massager to stimulate your lover’s hotspots. If your lover is a woman, a clit sucking toy combined with your mouth on her boobs can get her over the edge like crazy! 

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5. Go for one more

I’m going to say here that some women find it okay to allow their men to continue thrusting even after she has climaxed. So if that works for you as a woman, feel free to go for it.

However, if you (woman or man) don’t feel capable of engaging in other sexual activities right there and then, you could take a breather to get ready for another round of Sex.

Allow your body to go through its resting phase and when you are ready, gradually begin to explore stimulation at lower levels of arousal. This is also a great time to engage in an extensive sex play with your lover. 

As arousal begins to build, you are likely to find yourself excited about going again and of course, this time, make sure your lover gets off too! 
So, there you have it. Exciting tips to help you close the orgasm gap. 😉.
Again, if your partner says they are fine, try not to make a big deal about them not having an orgasm. There will be many more opportunities to cum like a train! Pun intended 😃