I take too long to orgasm what can i do

I Take Too Long to Orgasm as A Woman. What Can I Do?

This is not an uncommon complaint, however, it is important to understand that there’s no right or wrong length of time for an orgasm to happen. So take the pressure off and focus on the pleasure your body is receiving.

If you find yourself getting distracted by your thoughts, take a deep breath and redirect your attention to the pleasure your body is feeling.

Worrying about how long it takes you to orgasm will only interrupt your arousal and take the orgasm out of reach! Simply allow your body and your pleasure to lead you without pressure.

In addition to understanding this, here are a few things you can do:
1. Communicate more.

Communicating your body’s needs to your partner can really be helpful. Let them know what you need to get an orgasm and how and where you want to be pleasured.

2. Learn how your body responds to pleasure

The better you know your body, the easier it will be to orgasm. Explore your body and discover your route to having an orgasm. Knowing this also enables you to teach your partner how to pleasure you during sex.

3. Take time to build arousal

Building high levels of arousal are likely to get you to orgasm with ease. So don’t skimp on your pleasure! 

4. Clitoral Stimulation

The majority of women require clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm. If you are a clit girl, help your man understand this so he knows where and how to focus his attention. 

5. Relax and enjoy

The more you relax into the moment, the more likely you are to have an orgasm. Thinking instead of feeling is likely to send your orgasm running in a different direction. So relax and enjoy!

6. Lube Up

Insufficient lubrication can make it difficult to reach orgasm. Using lubricants can make sex more comfortable, enhance those feel-good sensations and increase your likelihood of having an ability to orgasm.

7. Explore with toys

Sex Toys can also help you orgasm. Incorporating them into partnered play can provide a variety of sensations to get you cumming like a train.

Some amazing products that can help you reach orgasm faster include bullets, clit suckers, wands, and more. Check out our website for some of these amazing toys https://olawunmiesan.com/shop/

8. See a sex therapist.

If you are struggling to orgasm and this affects your sex life, see a certified sex therapist to help you. Sex therapists are trained to help you diagnose the underlying cause of your problem and develop a plan to address it.

I am a certified sex therapist and I can help you enjoy beautiful orgasms and fulfilling sexual intimacy.

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Remember, the journey of Sex is more important than the destination. While these tips can help you orgasm more reliably, there’s nothing wrong with you if your body takes its time to get to climax. Enjoy the journey and let your pleasure be your guide.

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