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5 Ways to Make Sex More Pleasurable for Your Man

If you’re looking to give your man more pleasure in the bedroom and make him long for your touch more, these tips are for you.

1. Explore other erogenous zones on his body.

It’s easy to think the penis is the only way a man receives pleasure. However, there are so many erogenous zones on his body you can explore for sensational pleasure.

His nipples, the nape of his neck, his inner thighs, chest,  abdomen, butt, and more are fair game when it comes to giving him pleasure.

2. Foreplay

Men love foreplay too. Don’t always dive straight for his crotch. Why rush when you can make things hotter by building excitement? 

Offer him sensual massages, full-body caresses, hot make-out sessions to build arousal and get him to savor the pleasure for longer. 

3. Take charge

Your man doesn’t always have to be the initiator. And trust me, a good number of men enjoy Sex when their women initiate it.

Take the lead and invite him to bed or wherever it is you intend to ravish him *wink wink*

Change the routine, flip him over and give him a ride he’ll never forget! By the way, check out our Ride him like a Pro course to learn badass Riding skills. Learn more

4. Explore toys for him

Toys can heighten your man’s pleasure, so give him a treat now and again by incorporating vibrators into your handjobs, blowjobs, and stroking experiences. 

For instance, using a Vibrator to stimulate his nipples or balls while you ride can blow his mind! I mean, talk about multiple stimulations!

So don’t be shy about toys, if he is open to them, feel free to explore. Check out some amazing toys HERE.

5. Ask him what he wants

Asking him how he wants to be touched or asking him to show you how he likes to be touched can be a major turn with the potential to turn into a highly erotic experience! 

Vocalizing his sexual desires can be highly arousing for both of you. Talk about a WIN-WIN. So feel free to get into a verbal session that can help your intimate experiences together. 

Put these tips to work and start enjoying more pleasurable experiences as a couple.

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