My Husband has been Experiencing Erection Loss with Me. Does It Mean He Is No Longer Attracted to Me

My Husband has been Experiencing Erection Loss with Me. Does It Mean He Is No Longer Attracted to Me?

This is not an uncommon complaint. Losing an erection just before or during intercourse can be a worrying experience. However, it’s also a fairly common one.

Erectile issues can happen occasionally or frequently. The occasional erection loss or inability to achieve an erection is normal and happens with a lot of men. 

While frequent Erection loss or the inability to achieve an Erection is also common, it poses more of a concern to the man and in many cases, to his woman as well. 

A good number of women dealing with a partner who experiences frequent erectile issues tend to worry about loss of attraction or something she may not be doing right. In actual fact, your man’s erectile issues may have nothing to do with you.

From experience working with erectile issues, the man not only worries about his performance issues, but he also worries about his inability to satisfy his woman, as well as, her interpretation of the situation. 

Erectile issues can result from physiological issues such as high blood pressure,  cancer, low testosterone, any heart-related condition, and more. Ironically, medications that treat these physiological issues can also have adverse effects on a man’s erections.

Other factors such as age, stress, insomnia, performance anxiety, and more also play significant roles in erectile concerns.

In a good number of cases, loss of attraction is hardly ever the reason for erection loss or the inability to achieve an erection.

However, understanding how this impacts the woman and her sexual esteem, we’ve put together some ways to help women navigate these concerns.

Don’t blame yourself.

As mentioned earlier, in most cases, this is not happening because he’s unattracted to you. His erectile issues are likely caused by other factors.

Don’t turn away from him, turn toward him

Treat the situation with compassion. It is understandably difficult to navigate this issue but erectile issues are hard enough on the man. 

Adding your rejection to the mix can worsen his anxiety and the problem. Try to reassure him, not shame or embarrass him.

Understand that this is a couple issue and be open to working together to find a solution to the problem.

See it as an opportunity to improve Sex and intimacy

 It probably doesn’t seem like it but this can be an opportunity to improve (overhaul) your intimacy as a couple. 

Connecting outside the bedroom,  as well as, exploring different ways to connect in the bedroom outside intercourse will definitely take you both out of your comfort zone. And that’s a great thing especially if your comfort zone has become stale and routine.

Explore other ways to achieve sexual satisfaction

Sex isn’t ALL about the penis in the vagina. Find other creative ways to pleasure each other by expanding your sexual menu. Manual stimulation,  oral play, full body play, etc are some ways to explore more pleasure and sexual satisfaction outside of intercourse.

Seek professional help

Seek professional help together. Start by seeing a medical professional to check for possible physiological causes. 

If medical causes have been ruled out, explore Sex therapy with a Sex therapist who is well-versed in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions. 

If you have ruled out physiological causes and would like to explore Sex therapy for sexual dysfunction,  click HERE to work with me in Sex therapy.

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