Losing an erection during intercourse does not always mean trouble as a lot of men experience this from time to time.

It becomes a problem when this happens frequently. Loss of erection can be caused by a myriad of factors from physiological (e.g weight, blood pressure, heart conditions, medications) to psychological (e.g stress, performance anxiety) to even lifestyle factors.

The best approach is often an integrative approach to dealing with the issue.
Here are some things to help you resolve erection issues.

Check for Physiological Causes /Medication

If you experience consistent loss of erection during sex, your first point of call should be to check for physiological causes.
Heart conditions, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol levels amongst others are health conditions that can impact your erections.

Certain medications can also impact your erections.
See your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. Or to rule out any medical causes while you look into other interventions.

Focus on Sex outside intercourse.

Yes. Sex does not simply mean intercourse. There are other ways to satisfy your partner and yourself without intercourse.
More often than not, the focus on sustaining an erection during intercourse causes performance anxiety.

Being anxious about maintaining your erection only makes you lose your erection because anxiety and arousal cannot happen at the same time.
So focus on sex outside intercourse, explore different ways you and your partner can please, and satisfy yourselves outside intercourse.

Consider sex as something relaxing and sensually pleasing rather than a goal. Explore other ways to enjoy Sex like oral sex, fingering, and other non-penetrative sex play. This will help reduce performance anxiety and you may find sustaining erections much easier the more you do this.

Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle never goes out of fashion.
Some lifestyle changes that can help improve the state of your health and also impact your erection includes, maintaining a healthy body weight, managing your blood pressure, daily exercise even if it’s simply taking a walk, following a healthy diet, reducing alcohol intake amongst others.

Try a cock ring

Cock rings are not a long-term solution but can help you in the shorter term. They work by delaying the flow of blood out of the Penis so you can stay erect for longer.
For a better experience during intercourse, get a Vibrating Cockring. It increases the sensation for both the man and woman, making intercourse more pleasurable.
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Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is also highly useful in helping clients deal with sexual dysfunctions.
An indicator that your erectile issue may be psychological in nature, is if you consistently have early morning erections or/and are able to masturbate to completion on your own but lose your erection when it comes to sex with a partner.

If this sounds like what you experience, I am a certified Sex therapist and I can work with you to resolve issues around loss of erection.
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