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Taking Sex Out Of The House

In my last post, I spoke about taking sex out of the bedroom.

Today, we take it out of the house.

The essence of going outside the house to have sex is to reintroduce excitement into your sex life. You get a different sort of excitement having sex outside conventional places which lends a more heightened feeling to the act than when you have sex in regular places.

Shed your inhibitions and get ready to take sex to dizzying heights of ecstasy.

THE OFFICE: This may be a bit dicey for people who are under paid employment. Those with businesses of their own (or those who are highly paid executives and are SURE that there are no surveillance cameras in their offices) can try this. This can be initiated either by the office owner or the spouse. It could either be a planned seduction where the spouse comes to visit at work with naughty intentions or could be a casual visit where the impulse to be naughty takes over.

The positions vary. You could do it with the woman lying or sitting on the office table or she could bend over using the table for support. This of course will most likely be a quickie due to the location and that is where the excitement comes in. The naughtiness of doing it where you shouldn’t be doing it and the heightened sensitivity that comes with knowing it has to be hard and fast.

His trousers are only unbuckled or half way down and her skirt or dress is lifted up to create fast and easy access.

IN THE CAR: No fancy setting. No comfortable bed. Just you and your spouse in the car, preferably in a dark corner of a parking lot (Be careful not to use a parking lot where you can get mugged). The parking lot could be in your compound. You could decide to get a quick one in just before you go in to meet the kids or could be the parking lot of a mall (Your concern here would be not to get caught by security).

You could get your groove on in the front seat or back seat. Limited space in this case doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The closeness of your bodies gives room for more body contact. If you decide to go the ‘woman on top’ route in the front seat, the woman’s breasts are practically in the man’s mouth already, all he has to do is open his mouth. Also in that position, when she is grinding her pelvis on the man, there is a lot of clitoral stimulation for the woman because of the limited space.

Talk about WIN-WIN situation.

You may think that having sex in cars is for homeless people or people who commit the act immorally. Think again.

Limited space. Two bodies. Get creative.

You could also try having sex on the beach, the changing room of a boutique or just outside anyplace that seems discreet enough for you to get your groove on, while still providing the excitement of the naughtiness factor.

Marriage is for life. Don’t make it boring by doing the same thing every time.

TAKE ACTION TODAY….Spice it up. Mix things up. Get naughty.

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P.P.S Spontaneity could also work in your favor when doing this. Don’t plan it, just grab him or her and get to it.