4 Tips to Warm Your Woman outside the Bedroom So She Wants Sex

4 Tips to Warm Your Woman Outside the Bedroom so She Wants Sex

Great sex extends beyond the bedroom. Understanding the art of seduction outside the bedroom is like mastering how to put your woman on simmer – a process that requires your time, attention, and a delicate touch. Here are four tips to help you warm her up outside the bedroom

–          Use affectionate touch

Using affectionate touch can soften your woman, making her more receptive to pursuing pleasure with you. But bear in mind that not all affectionate touch should lead to sex. If your woman perceives that your touch will lead to sex, she isn’t likely to welcome it often. 

What you want to accomplish with affectionate touch is to make it happen often enough and in various contexts that your woman is welcoming of it. A lingering kiss or a gentle caress of her back, a hug, or an arm around her when watching movies speak volumes. These unexpected moments of physical connection leave her yearning for more intimate encounters and deepen the sense of anticipation.

–         Prioritize her well being

Create a deeper connection with your woman by prioritizing her well-being and showing her you care. Simple acts like offering to draw her a relaxing bubble bath, giving her a foot massage, or a soothing massage can communicate your care. These gestures help strengthen your emotional connection, which for a lot of women, often elicits sexual desire.

          Use Your words

Don’t be shy about telling her how beautiful and sexy she is. Receiving compliments from you is a huge confidence booster, in and out of the bedroom. Let her know how hot she makes you, how the sway of her butt entices you, how her beautiful eyes mesmerize you, and more. Don’t be shy, this can only lead to good things in your relationship. 

–          Create a Safe Space

Encourage open communication by establishing an environment where you both feel secure and valued. By doing this, you cultivate a space that is not only physically appealing but also mentally and emotionally appealing. 

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