Date Your Spouse

Getting married has been your fantasy since you were 6.

The fantasy has become reality. You went from girlfriend to wife and now your place is in the house with a cloth tied across your chest, right?


Okay, so maybe the image I painted is a bit extreme. Maybe you go to work rather than sit at home, maybe you wear shorts rather than tying a cloth across your chest but you get my drift.

The reality is different from the fantasy you thought it would be.

You don’t act the way you thought that you would.

So many things have taken over.

From work to the kids to taking care of your spouse and the home.

In between all these, whatever free time you get is used to grab a shut eye before somebody beckons on you to carry out another duty.

So what is Olawunmi talking about?

Go on a date with my spouse? Totally out of the question. Besides, he is also very tired after a hard week at work. Why don’t we just order in?

It becomes easier to stay home, order a pizza, download a movie and watch it on your big screen TV. That is of course, if you don’t fall asleep half way into the movie.

Wait! Before you think I’m bonkers to suggest a date, there is a way out.

Very simple. Plan it!

Pick a day for your date, clear your schedule on that day and arrange to have someone you trust watch the kids.

Dress up, put on some make up, wear your heels (if required), get out there and have some fun.

Give him a refresher course about what attracted him to you in the beginning.

Make dating your spouse a regular affair and make looking good a priority.

I, personally have a select wardrobe I like to wear when I’m out with my hubby. You can do that to. Give yourself something to look forward to.

TAKE ACTION this week and schedule a date with your spouse.

Go to the movies, or the beach or have a candle lit dinner. Whatever floats your boat, and who knows, the date may bring unanticipated goodies for both of you (I leave that for you to interpret).

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