Sex and The Christian

 How important is sex in a Christian marriage?

Without much thought, I am sure your answer would be ‘very important’.


Unfortunately the current reality is quite different from the ideal.

Too many times I have heard Christian men complain that their wives do not meet their sexual needs because they tend to bring the religion into the bedroom.

It boggles the mind because I struggle to comprehend how Christianity acts as a restriction in the marriage bed.

Correct me if I am wrong, but is sex in marriage not permitted by God?

Is the plan of God not that we enjoy our marriage and enjoy it fully?

Is sex not an aspect of marriage we should enjoy?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, why then do we Christian wives still shy away from the full expression of our sexuality within the marriage bed?

Just before you agree vehemently to this, Hold on.

Christian men are just as guilty.

I’m sure you are staring at the words and thinking ‘This lady must be joking, Men don’t shy away from sex’

Yes, men may not shy away from sex but the question is, ‘Are you fulfilling the sexual needs of your wife in the way that pleases her the most?

Or are you just more focused on your pleasure?’

Women may not have as high a sex drive as men but the way a woman derives pleasure in bed differs from the way a man does.

Many Christian marriages today suffer infidelity because the both partners are not properly attuned to each other’s sexual needs.

The men crave more frequency in sexual activity, while the women crave more romance and intimacy.

The frustration of not having the needs met by the partner drives the man into the waiting arms of an unbelieving woman who is able to satisfy his needs thoroughly and on the other hand, drives the woman into the arms of an unbelieving man who is ready to shower her with the romance and intimacy she craves.

The Bible says that the body of the woman belongs to the man and vice versa.

It is your place as either a husband or wife to give the best to the body of your spouse that now belongs to you.

If the consequence of not fulfilling your spouse’s sexual needs is infidelity, then it is not out of place to say that you sin against your spouse when you deprive them of the fulfillment that they should get from you alone.

The good news is that, there is time to retrace your steps.

Let your communication channel with your spouse be open to aid understanding of their sexual needs.

Break free of whatever mental barrier restricts you from the full expression of your sexuality.

Many couples do not enjoy the full benefits of their marriage because the sexual aspects are not right.

Sex is not a sin. It is a beautiful act ordained by God.

God is not against sex and romance (or why is the book ‘Songs of Solomon’ permitted to be in the Bible).

Do not under-estimate the power of sex and intimacy within your marriage.

The power to win and retain your spouse lies within you.

TAKE ACTION this week and start using that power.

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