Why is emotional connection important

Why is Emotional Connection Important?

The importance of emotional connection in a relationship can not be over-emphasized.

Emotional Intimacy involves sharing emotions, thoughts, and bonding with your partner through sharing your feelings.

A solid emotional connection fosters feelings of comfort, security, trust, and mutual support between couples. In contrast, a lack of emotional intimacy leads to communication problems, resentment, and loneliness in a relationship.

In this article, we will discuss how emotional connection can be beneficial to your relationship.

1. Mutual respect

Mutual respect is a benefit of emotional connection as it allows open communication, trust, and cooperation to flourish. It also creates a sense of safety and security in the relationship, as it is based on understanding and appreciation of each other’s perspectives, feelings, and needs.

2. Builds Trust and Creates a safe space

Having a partner with whom you can share your innermost thoughts and feelings creates a sense of comfort and ease in your relationship. 

Building an emotional connection with your partner creates a feeling of vulnerability, trust, and safety. These positive emotions are likely to impact your overall relationship satisfaction.

3. Improves Your Sex life

Beyond the physical mechanics of Sex, the positive effect that comes with feeling emotionally connected to your spouse promotes Sexual desire, comfort, and pleasure, which of course, impact sexual intimacy.

Because an emotional bonding creates a bond of trust and safety, it allows you to express yourself in and out of the sheets without fear of judgement.

4. Better Communication

One of the biggest benefits of building a strong emotional connection is the benefit of healthy communication.

There is nothing more frustrating than knowing how you feel and not feeling safe enough to express this to your partner.  

Your bond enhances your communication, which is a major component of a healthy relationship.

5. Emotional support

When you have a great emotional connection with your partner, you also have an emotional support system.

Having someone else to share your emotions with can help you deal with your emotions and situations better. This support impacts every aspect of your life, from boosting your self-esteem to improving your general mental health and also your interpersonal relationships.

Now that you know how emotional connection impacts your relationship, it is important to prioritize this aspect of your relationship in order to enjoy a satisfying relationship. Take the first step today by joining our UOS Pleasure Tribe– The PLEASURE TRIBE will help you improve intimacy and connection amongst other amazing benefits.

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