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Oral Sex 102

In my last post on oral sex, I had you practice lip confidence and getting used to some of the oral sex techniques.

This time let’s get to the real thing.

Prep yourself. Get sexy. Do your lip confidence practice and feel confident in yourself.

Your husband wants to know that you are genuinely interested in giving him head, so don’t make it look like a chore.

You start by kissing him just to let him know you have sex on your mind.

Kiss his lips, his earlobes, suck on his bottom lip and begin the descent to this south region.

Use your hands and mouth to trail his body. His neck, his nipples, his navel till you get to his penis.

Don’t go straight for it. Tease him a little. Kiss his inner thighs (a sensual area that many people over look), run your tongue lightly around the area as well.

By now his penis is hard and trying fervently to locate your mouth.

Don’t go for it yet. Go for the balls (You will need to clarify that your husband can tolerate contact with his balls, not all men can take it). It helps if your hands are lubricated but use the type of lubricant that is safe for ingestion.

Use your hands to lightly massage his balls (emphasis on lightly) and introduce your lips to them. Lick and suck on his balls gently.

By now, you have created enough anticipation that his penis is literally begging to be taken.

Now go for it. Ensure your mouth is wet enough to glide over his penis without friction. Go to the top and take his entire penis into your mouth (if you can’t take it all, that fine). As you move back up his penis, tighten your lips around it to create a firm sucking motion.

Do this a couple of times and take his penis out of your mouth. Remember, the open mouthed kisses you did with the banana? Now do that from the base of his penis but don’t take it to the head just yet.

Lick his penis with the way you would like an ice cream cone. Firm strokes up, go back to the base and repeat the strokes.

When you get to his frenulum (the ridge that connects his shaft to the head of the penis, lighten the pressure of your tongue and lick the area lightly. Use your tongue to tease his frenulum then change your motion again by taking all of him into your mouth.

Giving head doesn’t have to be restricted to the mouth alone. You can use your fingers to firmly circle the base of his penis and use them to support your up and down strokes on his penis (especially if you cannot deep throat fully).

This time, while sucking his penis, rather than using the up and down motion, use the cork screw motion. Turn your head like a corkscrew to give his penis a different sensation.

Did I forget to mention that some light moaning helps as well. The vibrations in your mouth that comes from moaning also feels good to his penis.

As you go through the motions, this time when coming up stay a little longer up and focus on the head of his penis.

Lick the head, alternate between sucking lightly and sucking firmly on the head of his penis.

You can also use swirling motions with your tongue to further stimulate the head of his penis.

Keep alternating with all the different motions while using your hands to support your mouth.

Also alternate between slowly sucking his penis and then sucking at a faster pace.

Watch his balls, if they have become like ripe peaches, then he is close to orgasm.

You can decide to either finish him off with your mouth or decide to change the route and finish him off by putting him inside you and riding him till he comes.

That wasn’t so bad now was it?

Giving head is like learning to drive. You could have someone teach you at first but as you go along you take your own learnings and develop a driving style that works very well for you.

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